Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Linen Seed Bags

We found these Vintage Linen Seed Bags and for there age they are in fantastic shape, We are making all kinds of things out of them, here we have made table runners, we have some with labels and some plan, if you are interested in purchasing one, head over to The Keeping Room Selling Blog. They are selling very fast so head over and order yours today! Also have added many more items, Come on and stop by!!


Hello my bloggers!!! Miss me? lol I miss all of you and I have been so very busy trying to get these cupboards sanded. Lots of work but I look forward to painting them, still not sure on the color but I will be painting them all RED first for the under coat. Then once that is done then the real fun begins. Take a look at my progress.....

 Started removing the doors and all my prim items off my counter tops.
Well I hope next time you see pictures there will be some paint on!!! LOL Have a wonderful night and great weekend, until next time....