Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shopping At My Aunt Sharon's Again...........

 So you all know I love going to visit my Aunt Sharon's prim home, if she would let me move in, I probably would, lol! Any who she has sooo many things that every once in a while she gets things together that she has know more room for and we go shopping, so here are some of my purchases. This red small bench that I have placed on my kitchen counter top.

 This prim quilt that I placed hanging over my railing.
 This big blue and tan bowl.
 This old prim candle holder that I have hanging off my chair rail.
 Red and Yellow ware bowl, that is so perfect!!
 All these different red and tan tea towels and runners.
Prim Rabbit Print
 Another old prim piece.
 And best of all!!! All this bedding, 3 different size throws and all different colours of reds and tans.
Don't you love all my prim finds, thanks Aunt Sharon for all my goodies. The cost for everything was $100.00 ish!!! I forgot to mention that I talked to Aunt Sharon and she told me that I can share with all my followers pictures of prim home. I will be taking pictures of inside and outside very soon and will post them as soon as I do!! Thank You Aunt Sharon for giving me this opportunity to share your prim home with everyone.

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