Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Package From Colleen's Craft Shed

My package arrived today from Colleen's Craft Shed, when she had her giveaway I was only thinking I was getting the room spray and 2 mini candles, but she packed a few more things!!! Look at what I received.

 Here's the Cinnamon bun room spray which I just love this smell, one of my favourites and farmhouse apple melt and country bake shoppe melt! They are so sweet!
 This little prim rag doll that looks perfect in my daughters room on her chair.
As well as 4 tiny prim bunnies that I placed on her shelf, they look perfect and I'm sure my daughter will love that I placed them in her room. Thank you so very much Colleen! I love everything I won from your giveaway! FYI.... only 3 days until pictures of Aunt Sharon's and Dorthy's prim homes! I cant wait for everyone to see them. Have a wonderful day!

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