Monday, April 4, 2011

What A Turn Out We Had!

So I know our party was a few days ago but I (we) are just so grateful on how the turn out was. I even had someone stop by last night and add a HUGE amount to our sales, thank you everyone for your great comments wishing us all the best of luck and in hope that we would sell out! Well by the end we were selling out of many items and have taken orders! Thanks Again To All who came out to support Lori and I. We will be doing this again soon. ONE MORE THING! The count down to taking pictures of my Aunt Sharon's Prim home is coming near, 4 days left! also she has a friend named Dorthy that came out for our party and said I can take pictures of her prim home too!!!!! OH boy, she is another Aunt Sharon! That will also be on the same day!

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