Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to Dorothy's Prim Home

The wait is over, now take a tour of Dorothy's Prim Home!!!!!!!!
 Here is what you see as you walk in!
 And this... OMG crazy isn't it! She just re did her fireplace and that wall, the best thing about Dorothy's home is that everything is made by her HUBBY! That's right, everything!
 Love her fireplace.

 This is in the same room and against the wall just before you enter her kitchen.
 On the other side of the hall before you enter her kitchen. Wonderful prim display.
 This is at the end of her hallway upstairs, this is a 4 bedroom home and 2 baths.
 1st bathroom, WOW eh! Her hubby made everything you see in here and Dorothy is the one who paints it all and adds all the prim touches.
 Behind her toilet, again displaying all her prim finds.
 This is one of the spare rooms upstairs.

 Here is the master bedroom and again hubby made the blue cabinet and Dorothy painted it. They are so great at this stuff.
 Still part of the master bedroom.
 Master bedroom, located when you walk in.
 Love what she has done to her bedroom window.
 Look at this perfectly prim kitchen, she did all the cabinets herself and of coarse with a little bit of Jerry's help, heehee
 Here is her kitchen table
 Still part of the kitchen and also it look out onto the front living area.
 She puts everything together so perfectly!
 Small table and chair also located in the kitchen area

 Here is what you see when you go downstairs, small table and chair set.
 And then to the right of the table and chairs is her downstairs area, Jerry also finished this fireplace.

 Is that not prim perfect?

 Another bedroom downstairs, I could sleep there too! One night at Aunt Sharon's and one night at Dorothy's!
 The opposite side of the bed.
 Here is walking into her 2nd bathroom.
 Jerry made that cabinet too! How lucky is Dorothy to have a hubby like that?

 This bathroom is full of perfectly prim touches threw out.
 This is a prim display in the hall way that leads to the bedroom and bathroom.
 Another wall display and a prim picture made by Dorothy herself.
 Another picture made by Dorothy. She is very talented.
 Behind the table and chairs downstairs, I just love how she has everything done and perfect.

 This piece is also part of her kitchen!
 Her kitchen island, made by Jerry.
Jerry also made there prim shed where he probably hides all there outdoor stuff, they use to have a pool and took that out! I would have to if my husband can make me this! Well a big thank you to Dorothy for allowing us to come threw her prim home and share it with you! Thanks for the snacks and coffee! I hope you enjoyed seeing what they have and what they can do! I will be posting tomorrow on my goodies that Dorothy had for sale too!!!!

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