Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wait Is OVER......

Its been a fun and exciting day! The wait is over and the time has come for all my followers to see Aunt Sharon's prim home!
Here is the front of her home

 Here is what you see when you walk in! OH YES! And this is just the beginning...... This would be considered the dinning area.
 Nice long table and some of her newest bowls.
 This display is on her wall in her dining area.
 Here is the keeping room, so when you walk in its to the right of you, she just finished her fireplace again!
 Is this not prim perfect or what?
 Love the finished project on your fireplace Aunt Sharon. You know just how to make everything come together. And just above the fireplace is the little prim pillow she purchased off of Lori and I.
 The Keeping Room
  Back to the dining area, this is on the wall just before we enter the kitchen.
 Now you all know why I want to paint my cabinets so bad because Aunt Sharon's look perfect and I want my home to look just like hers.

 There is the shoo fly she bought from us.....
 Her yellow ware bowls.....
 In the corner of her kitchen she has this prim display.
 Her kitchen table and her new gourd she purchased from us, love her!!
 The other side of her kitchen and if I'm not mistaken I think she told me that she is re doing this part AGAIN, I don't know about you but I think it looks pretty perfect to me.
 Look at this big prim piece! I wish I had something like that.
 Here is the master bedroom, again how perfect is this! Its like being in a show room.
 This prim display is to the right of her bed, this has some of her crocks and red ware.

 Her side table and then to the right of that is her master bathroom....

 Here's the bathroom. OMG right? This bathroom was all re done!
 Her best friends hubby made this for her.
 This is a prim display of old vintage clothing and baskets
 Still part of the bathroom

 Upstairs she has a spare room that know one sleeps in but still is done prim perfect, I think maybe I will start sleeping there! heehee

 Bedroom side table
This chair is on the left side of the room when you walk in.
 This cabinet is to the right side of the room when you walk in, and again displaying just some of her many crocks. I should say my Uncle's crocks!! He is the one that collects them.
 This little school desk is at the end of the bed.
 Some of her displays on the wall in the spare room.

This is the bathroom upstairs

 Again I believe this cabinet was made by her best friends hubby!
 Here is a prim display upstairs in the hallway. That picture was done by my Aunt Sharon, she is so very talented.
 This is on the wall going up the stairs. And all her quilts hanging over her railing.
 This is the bedroom that her grand children stay in when they sleep over and again I love this room so much that I would probably try sleeping in there. On the bed is an old prim bear and the book that she again bought from Lori and I.

How cute is that room?
 Her is a tin light that she just got and is on her stairs, she is so excited about this light I just had to take a picture of it for her!
 This is beside her fireplace in the keeping room, again with her (his) crocks and red ware pieces.
 My Uncle's Firkin's, lucky guy!

 This is what it looks like walking to the backyard!

 I could live in there too! haha  Its where they keep all there outdoor things!
 OH and this my Uncle made, he is so proud of this and I hope he likes the picture I took, Great job Uncle Doug, maybe you can help Scott make one!
So there you have it, is this not the perfect prim home ever!!! This is a picture of my Aunt Sharon, ME and Dorothy! I will be posting pictures of Dorothy's home tomorrow too! It's just like Aunt Sharon's. I just wanted to say that I am so very thankful to them for allowing me to show all of you their homes, they have such big hearts! If it wasn't for Aunt Sharon decorating this way I don't think I would have ever started my home like that and my home wouldn't look the way if it wasn't for her. Thank You So Much Lady's and I hope you like the way the pictures turned out. So don't forget to check back tomorrow to see Dorothy's home and I will show you a few things she had for sale too! Lori and I did some more shopping!

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